Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh no - KG is down!

It's 9:04 pm and I can't open KG. I messaged Peter and then quickly messaged Joyce since I'm in a panic to get this Assignment 1 finished. Joyce reported she couldn't log on to KG either and she asked me if I'd backed up. I said I didn't know what she meant - she advised I could export my page as a pdf file which I didn't do. The humorous thing is that I told her not to worry - that KG has been down before and has returned. I told her about Steve's post on Moodle that he'd taken the day off to work on KG on January 24th. That's when Joyce reminded me that today is January 24th! I couldn't believe it - I'd lost all track of the dates, probably because I am so swamped at work! Speaking of work - I learned something about Teraview today as I was working with a group of students. Each student has to have a separate file number even though we are working on the same matter. Everyone printed thankfully. I missed a step but no worries - we'll fix that tomorrow.

Angel worked well today in Wills and Estates class. Students were listening to the sound clips followed by the quiz. They liked the Tracking a Parcel task. I've given them a discussion topic on Powers of Attorney and they'll also practise inserting a bookmark into their Angel home page. In less than three weeks, these students have been introduced to almost all the features of Angel and have adapted well. I had just put a Discussion Forum link up to act as a Bulletin Board and one minute later, someone had made two posts! Something really satisfying happened today. I had put an image in to click to go to the Discussion Forum but there wasn't a label. I went into the html code and inserted alt text and it worked! It's so cool to really know how to do something!

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Paula said...

Hi Janet,
Nice to finally put a voice to the face in the Wimba session tonight (29 Jan). I really admire your getting up for the session - I have to say you sounded pretty sleepy but woke up sharpish!I was constantly being distracted by a plumber that I've waited a week for. In the end, he couldn't fix the problem and will send an electrician. When do you reckon that will be - you've lived here, you know the drill!! So it looks like I'll have another week of running around in the shower just to get wet....
Have you got assignment 1 in yet? I submitted mine, but wasn't really happy with it. Just got sick of the sight of it - you know how it is!
Anyway, keep up the good work!